TU 5745-016-77919831-2016 FOR SCREPA M700 STRUCTURES

  • DESCRIPTION: Volume-restoring structural mixture for dry construction-repair works. It consists of Portland cement, quartz sand of a certain granulometry, a complex of chemical additives and reinforcing fiber.
  • PURPOSE: It is used for the repair and waterproofing of reinforced concrete, brick and stone structures with various purposes, including wet spraying.
  • - high adhesion, early and final strength;
  • - increased resistance to cracking and bending strength;
  • - high price for water resistance and frost resistance;
  • - resistance to corrosion;
  • - workability and thixotropy.

The name of the indicator

The value

Measurement methods

Average density

1200 ± 100

GOST 8735

Installation time, min: - start, not before - end, not after



GOST 310.3

Density of mortar mixture, kg/m3


GOST 5802

Compressive strength, MPa, not less: - after 1 day - after 28 days



GOST 310.4

Bending strength, MPa, not less than: - after 1 day - after 28 days



GOST 310.4

Adhesion strength (adhesion) with concrete after 28 days, MPa, not less


GOST 31356

A hint of water resistance, no less


GOST 12730.5

Degree of frost resistance, not less


GOST 10060


PACKAGING: Multi-layer bags (25 kg), plastic containers (25 kg), FIBC (1000 kg).

TRANSPORTATION: Allowed by all modes of transportation.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store multi-layer bags and MKR in dry rooms, in plastic buckets at any humidity and at temperatures between -60 and +50 °С.

GUARANTEED STORAGE PERIOD: 6 months in multi-layer bags and MKR, 12 months in plastic buckets from the date of manufacture, provided the density of the original packaging is not disturbed.


Carry out the work in dry, calm weather at a temperature of the surface of the structure between +5 and +35 ° C.

DRY MIXTURE CONSUMPTION: 1.8 kg/m2 with 1 mm layer thickness. When applying by wet spraying, the consumption of dry mixture can be increased up to 20%, taking into account the rebound value, up to 30% on vertical surfaces and ceilings.

Precautions: During work, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment: rubber gloves resistant to chemicals, cotton gloves, respirator, goggles, overalls made of dense fabric, rubber boots. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Clean the surface of contamination to a structurally sound base. Roughen the surface using a profile cut to improve adhesion. Remove at least 10 mm of concrete around the reinforcing bars when they are exposed. In accordance with GOST 9.402-2004, clean fittings from rust up to 2 degrees. Replace the fittings if necessary.

It is important!

Moisten the base as much as possible with water before applying the "Screpa M700 Construction" mortar mix.

MORTAR MIXTURE PREPARATION: Attention! Use clean water and containers to prepare the mortar. Prepare enough mortar to be used within 30 minutes. The optimum temperature of the mixed water is 20 °C. When the temperature of the water drops, the setting of the mortar mixture slows down, and when it rises, it accelerates. Mix "Strap M700 for Construction" with 150-165 ml of water for 1 kg of dry mixture. Mix by hand or with a low-speed drill for 5 minutes until a plastic homogeneous consistency is obtained.

Attention! Stir the mortar mixture regularly during use to maintain the original consistency. It is not allowed to add water to the mortar mixture.

APPLICATION: Apply the "Structure M700 For Structures" mortar mixture to the base by hand or by wet spraying (layer thickness 6-60 mm). In the case of applying the next layer, process the previous one with a notched trowel to improve adhesion between the layers. Apply the next layer after 3-4 hours.

Surface Care: Protect treated surfaces from mechanical effects and negative temperatures for 3 days. Keep the treated surfaces moist for 3 days by using a water spray and/or covering the concrete surface with a moisture-proof film.