Waterproofing, flexible, polymer hydroactive, self-expanding rubber with rectangular cross-section.


It is designed for waterproofing of static technological (working) concreting joints during construction of buildings and structures, as well as waterproofing of entry points of engineering communications both during construction and during repair work.


 When interacting with water, the Penebar waterproofing package increases in volume and forms a dense waterproof structure. It is ecologically clean. Certified for use in construction.

Technical characteristics:

The name of the indicator

The value

Measurement methods

Technical characteristics

Density, g/cm3, not less


TU 5772-001-77919831


Trailer section: height/width, mm


Volume expansion (storage in water), at least:

- 24 hours

- 48 hours

- 72 hours

- 120 hours

1.40 times

1.75 times

1.90 times

2.10 times


Homogeneous mass with inclusions up to 0.35 mm

Additional features

Resistance to acid solutions: HCI, H 2 SO 4


St. СЕВ 5852

Resistance to alkaline solutions: NaOH


St. СЕВ 5852

Resistance to light and dark oil products


St. СЕВ 5852

Acidity of application environment, pH

                From 3 to 11

St. СЕВ 5852

Application temperature, °С

From -22 to +50

TU 5772-001-77919831


Operating temperature, °C

           From -60 to +100

TU 5772-001-77919831


Material storage conditions

Between -60 and +50°C in closed rooms.

Box size, mm, no more


Box weight, kg, no more



Supplied in cardboard boxes, 6 rolls of 5 mp per box

Transportation: Allowed by all types of transportation in conditions that do not allow moisture and rain to enter the material.

Storage warranty period:

 18 months from date of manufacture. Moisture and sunlight are not allowed to fall on the jug. After the warranty storage period has expired, the jgut must be checked for compliance with TU 5772-001-77919831-2006 before use. In case of compatibility, it can be used as intended.

Instructions for the use of "PENEBAR" waterproofing tape

During the construction of buildings and structures, it is necessary to use Penebar waterproofing belt and Metal mounting bracket to prevent water seepage through concreting seams.

To ensure a tight fit of the Penebar waterproofing belt to the base, the following is required:

- remove "cement milk" from the concrete base by any mechanical means;

- to cut off the flow of concrete, to eliminate excessively sharp protrusions on the concrete surface, as well as uneven structural areas;

- clean the concrete surface with a stream of compressed air.

Remove the release paper from the "Penebar" joint and place the joint firmly on the concrete surface, preventing possible displacements using "Metal mounting bracket" and 40-50 mm long dowels at 250-300 mm intervals.

The bundles are joined end to end with ends cut at an angle of 45° to form a continuous layer.

The installation of the waterproofing pipe should be done immediately before the installation of the formwork; the distance from the binding to the edge of the structure should be at least 50 mm.

It is allowed to put the box on a wet surface, but on the condition that standing water is removed from the concrete surface.

Use cotton gloves, respirator, goggles, coveralls made of tight fabric.