Soil consolidation works will be carried out in the technological mine of the coastal collector

Soil consolidation works will be carried out in the technological mine of the coastal collector

 It was decided to carry out additional works in the area to ensure the safety of the coastal collector No. 11 located on Nobel Avenue and the collector, as well as to prevent subsidence on the road in the avenue. 

   It should be noted that the collapse of the road on Nobel avenue occurred on December 23, 2018. While assessing the impact of the collapse of the road on the Sahil collector passing through a depth of 24 meters, it was discovered that groundwater was filling shaft No. 11. Urgent measures were taken by "Azersu" OJSC in order to prevent groundwater entering the mine, Penetron-Azerbaijan, a specialized company in this field, insulated the mine with special materials and completely prevented groundwater entering the mine.

In parallel with this, for the purpose of investigating the cause of the collapse, comprehensive assessment of the technical condition of the collector and the technological mine, specialists of the Scientific Research and Project-Constructor Building Materials Institute named after A. Dadashov of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Sukanal Scientific Research Project Institute, as well as the specialists of Evrascon Corporation and Geotek company specialized in this field was involved.

In addition to the study of the technical condition of hydrotechnical facilities, complex geophysical and geological research works were also carried out in the area. It is known that in the area with complex geological conditions, the soils saturated with water and having the property of fluidity pose a real threat to hydrotechnical facilities and road infrastructure.

   Taking into account the fact that the coastal collector has been in operation since the 1980s and taking into account the mentioned risks, it was decided to limit the movement of soils with flow properties and to carry out soil consolidation works in the area. In order to carry out these works, project documents are prepared by specialized organizations and preparations are made for mobilization works.

During the soil consolidation works, wells with a depth of 20-25 m will be dug and cement solution will be injected into the subsoil under high pressure. Injection works will be carried out in both directions of shaft No. 11. 

According to preliminary estimates, soil consolidation works will last for 20-25 days. During this period, in order to ensure the safety of road users and construction, it is planned to completely limit traffic from Nobel Avenue to the city. Based on the approval of the relevant state institutions, construction works are expected to start in the near future.

During the restriction of movement on the avenue, in parallel, complex research works will be carried out in the nearby technological mines of the Coastal collector.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused during the works carried out for the safety of the population and infrastructure.